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Cat in a Shark Costume Rides a Roomba

Goldfish and Kids are a Great Combination!

It’s safe to say that goldfish are great starter pets for just about anyone.  While some animals lovers may feel that they are a bit dull (when compared to some of the more lively creatures we tend to keep as pets), the fact remains that they are extremely low maintenance.  They don’t need to go […]

The Hyacinth Macaw: A Stunning Blue Beauty

The hyacinth macaw is the largest flying parrot species in the world.  With its strikingly beautiful blue coat of feathers and wingspan of up to five feet, this bird is truly a marvelous spectacle. Few people are ever lucky enough to have actually seen one, especially a hyacinth living in the wild.  Their population is […]

Cast Your Vote for the 2014 Hero Dog Award!

The Hero Dog Awards is a national competition which recognizes dogs who make a difference in the world, whether its by saving lives, providing therapeutic support to children, or lending sight to their human companion. The top 8 finalists have been announced for this year’s awards.  You can read each of their stories and cast […]

Doggie Kisses!

Here’s something to make your Monday just a little bit sweeter… Make it a great week, friends!

Tips for Giving Medications to Your Stubborn Cat or Dog

If you’ve ever had to give medications to your pet, you understand that it come sometimes be a pretty tricky process.  Even worse, they become wise to your antics and very quickly learn to outsmart you when they hear their pills rattle in the bottle. It’s extremely important (for both you and your pet) that […]

Serious Baby Action Happening at the Zoos!

If you’ve been keeping up with zoo news, then you know that there has been quite a bit of baby talk at a number of zoos across the United States recently.  If you’ve missed it, here are the details: The famous panda twins at Zoo Atlanta are celebrating their first birthday!  Check out THIS ARTICLE to catch […]

Puppy Wants Pizza!

Happy Monday!  Here’s a huge dose of cuteness to start your week off right!

Puppy Wants Pizza!

Happy Monday!  Here’s a huge dose of cuteness to start your week off right!

Farrier Appreciation Week

If you own (or have ever owned) a horse, then you are familiar with farriers and the huge impact they have on the quality of life for our equine companions.  However, most of us are entirely ignorant to this profession… most of us have never even heard of a farrier. This year, July 6th-12th is […]