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This Kitty Hates the New Printer!

This Kitty Hates the New Printer!

Is Your Pet Bored?

Do you ever wonder if your beloved pet is bored out of his or her mind?  They often lead such relaxed lives that it’s easy to forget that they need stimulation, too… at least, until they remind you by chewing your favorite shoes or tear your carpet to shreds. Check out this article titled, How […]

The Race is On!

Spoiler alert:  It’s a tie!

Cats and Dogs Can Be Best Friends!

…and here is a collection of melt-your-heart photo evidence. Featured Photo Credit: patchattack via Compfight cc

Things That Cats Do That Would Be Creepy If You Did Them

Have you ever referred to yourself as a “cat person“?  Just how far are you willing to go? We like this gentleman’s no-limits approach.  Check it out, courtesy of Buzzfeed: Featured Photo Credit: bortescristian via Compfight cc

Treat Your Pet to Something a Little Bit Crazy!

Interested in going a little overboard for your best friend?  Here are some ideas: 10 Crazy Amenities Just for Pets, via Yahoo Travel Featured Photo Credit: Juanedc via Compfight cc

Happy Friday!

Start your weekend off right!  Here’s a little birdie to help:

Chubby Pets are Cute!… Right?

In the United States, an estimated 57.6% of dogs and 52.6% of cats are obese, according to the Association for Pet Obesity Prevention.  The problem has reached epidemic proportions. More than half of our furry loved ones are significantly overweight, and it’s time we give those statistics a second look.  Just as it does with […]

Are You a Dog Person or a Cat Person?

Here’s a fun infographic for you!  The type of pet you own says a lot about you. Here are the stats: Click image to see a larger version Are You a Cat or a Dog Person via Pet Supplies Featured Photo Credit: gunder via Compfight cc