Archive | November, 2014

Thanksgiving Day Considerations for Your Pup

You love to give your dog Thanksgiving Day leftovers.  We get it.  Your beloved pooch is, after all, a very important part of your family, and nothing says “I am thankful for you” like a plate full of turkey day table scraps.  However, before you load your pup’s bowl down with all of that delicious […]

Aging Pet Meets Slippery Floor

Hardwood floors are beautiful and easy to clean, but they also create difficulties for your pets.  These slippery surfaces don’t provide as much traction as the wall-to-wall carpeting of previous decades, and our furry family members are starting to feel it. Hip and knee injuries are becoming more and more common, and a large number […]

Bird Ownership for Beginners

Birds are lovely little creatures with big fun personalities.  However, they’re not right for everyone.  Just as with any other pet, there is a lot of time and energy that is required to properly care for a bird.  Before you head out to a pet shop and buy that cute little budgie in the window, […]

Grab a Leash and Get Outside!

For many of us, fall is the perfect time to get outside with our furry sidekick.  The heat and humidity have finally started to wind down, and outdoor activities are beginning to look a lot more attractive than they did just a few months ago.  The best part?  According to a chart provided by The […]