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Tips for Surviving NYE Fireworks with an Anxious Pet

The start of a new year brings a lot of excitement.  For pet owners, however, that excitement is not always a good thing.  Unless your pet is one of the lucky few, celebrations involving fireworks are anything but fun. It makes sense for your pet to be so nervous.  The noise made by fireworks is […]

Holiday Trees + Pets: Consider This

Most people would agree that there’s nothing like the look and feel of a live Christmas tree.  It makes a home smell so nice and has a texture that you just don’t get with artificial trees, but how will it affect your pets? Just like people, our pets tend to spend more time indoors during […]

Best Gift Ideas for Pets (and Pet-Lovers)

A few weeks ago, we offered up a few great pet-related Cyber Monday sales.  However, if you’re like most of us, last-minute shopping is almost a given.  This week, we found some pretty awesome gift ideas for pets, and we couldn’t resist sharing. Check out The Best Gifts for Pets (and Their Owners!), courtesy of […]

Intruder Alert! Helping Pets Cope With Holiday Guests

Having friends and family around for the holidays is usually a given.  For pets, this means a lot of extra attention and a lot more hands for petting.  It’s an exciting time for everyone, and your furbaby is no exception. We’ve noticed that there are quite a few resources for helping your guests cope with […]

Cyber Monday: It’s Not Just For People Anymore!

Every year on the Monday after Thanksgiving, people across the country stay glued to their computer screens for the online equivalent of Black Friday.  On Cyber Monday, we trade the long lines for a slower-than-normal internet connection, and we click to pay for our holiday loot, rather than swipe. This year, keep your furry friend […]