TruePet Wellness Plans

TruePet Wellness Plans
 help your pet live longer through affordable preventative care. Our plans don’t just treat illness, they eliminate problems before they happen by paying close attention to details such as vaccinations, dental hygiene and nutrition. Wellness plans also assist busy pet owners by notifying them of upcoming appointments, so you never have to worry about missing an important checkup or vaccine.

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Why should I sign my pet up for the wellness plan?

Each plan is a comprehensive guide to your pet’s health. It can help keep your pet safe from preventable diseases, detect abnormalities early enough for effective, inexpensive treatment, and make sure you schedule checkups and procedures at the appropriate times while eliminating unnecessary veterinary expenses. Ultimately, wellness plans save you money, while maintaining the optimal health of your pet.

How much does it cost?      

TruePet Wellness Plans are affordable, preventative health care plans which can be divided into easy 12-month payments that include a complete array of preventative care services, reduced cost office visits  & substantial discounts on additional veterinary services.

What makes the TruePet Wellness Plan different from other plans?

Our Wellness Plan members only pay $10 for regularly scheduled visits and your pet receives all necessary annual vaccines, a dental exam, testing for parasites, disease testing and so much more. We have the best equipment and pharmaceuticals available, because we want to give your pet the same quality of care you’d want for anyone in your family.

How do I enroll?

Enrolling is easy. To learn more about creating a Wellness Plan that’s right for your pet, call 813-961-6699 or or visit our office today.